First Impression, Inc. is a volunteer organization, and we need your support to deliver our program and services to the job seekers in need of Medina County.

For more information about volunteer opportunities, please fill out the form at the right.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 330-227-6053.

Please consider one or more of the volunteer opportunities listed below:

Administrative Work

Alterations – This would be on an as needed basis for items that might need to have simple fixes, such as missing buttons, repair a seam, hemlines.

Awareness – There are many ways to help raise awareness:

  • Distribution of flyers to agencies
  • Talk to neighbors, friends and relatives about who we are and what we do
  • Schedule an informational meeting with your organization for First Impression to come and talk about our mission

Client Consultant

Clothing Pickup – This may include picking up clothing at donation sites, dry cleaners, or alteration locations. It may also include dropping off unneeded clothing to various locations. This would be best suited to someone with an SUV or a van.

Donation Sorting

Event Planning – We are always looking for those interested in helping to plan, organizing, coordinating and participating in our events.

Marketing/Social Media Coordinator

Volunteer Form

Donate Clothing

Current Needs

      • Shoes- especially size 7-flats and pumps or low heels
      • Cardigans – all sizes from XS to plus sizes
      • Shells or sleeveless blouses all sizes and colors or simple prints
      • Business dresses
      • Plain camisoles or stretchy camisoles (to wear with sheer blouses)
      • Regular length pants in sizes 0-6

Accepted Donations

  • Overall, clothing should be Up to date styles (within the last 3 years)
  • Traditional styles, tailored clean lines
  • Blouses
    • Should be solid colors, muted colors, or soft prints
    • No low cut necklines
    • No sheer fabrics
    • Daytime fabrics only, NO satin, velvet, glittery or leather fabrics
  • Skirts/Slacks
    • Dark colors: grey, navy, black, or dark brown
    • No bold patterns: small checks or muted stripes OK
    • Average length
  • Dresses
    • Darker colors: grey, navy, black, dark brown
    • No bold patterns, however, muted patterns are acceptable
  • Shoes
    • Practical: no neon or bright colors
    • Average heel
    • Good condition (must be able to polish if necessary)
    • No open toes or tennis shoes
  • Jewelry
    • In good repair and tasteful

*Please note we may take items that are unusable for clients and sell to support our mission.

Download a printable version of our list of Accepted Donations.

Not Accepted

  • thing that isn’t accepted one
  • thing that isn’t accepted two

Donate Dollars

Any amount helps! Your monetary donation can purchase:

  • $25.00 – Dry clean 3 suits
  • $50.00 – Purchase 10 Power of you bags
  • $100.00 – 10 Portfolios to be used for resumes


Please make checks to:
First Impression by JOG
140 West Washington St. LL
Medina, OH 44256

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