Pre-employment suiting program

 …for interviewing purposes. We meet with the client, determine her needs for the interview. These items will include, a blouse, a pants or skirt suit, (or coordinates), shoes, jewelry, stockings (if necessary or desired) and an appropriate bag.

  • We will spend a minimum of 3 to 5 hours with each client, sometimes multiple appointments, discussing employment goal, resume critique, additional referrals to other services if needed, and apparel needs.
  • The client will be paired with a professional image consultant, (volunteer) who will then recommend, show, fit and give a complete appropriate interview outfit to the client. This will include slacks or skirt, blouse or sweater, blazer or jacket, shoes, jewelry and undergarments if needed.
  • They will also receive a portfolio to take notes, carry their resume, grooming and interview tips along with my card for reference. Each client will also receive a “Power of You” cosmetic bag containing sample size personal items.
  • If the client is in need of additional clothing, we will provide what is necessary on a case by case basis.
  • Every client will receive a consultation with one of two hair salons in Medina for a cut and style, they can also receive additional services as determined necessary.
  • We are available to the client after our meetings to answer additional questions or just to be a cheerleader for them if needed. Many of our clients feel comfortable reaching out to us just to be reassured they can do succeed.
  • Follow-up to assess outcome of interview and if employment occurs.

Employment suiting program

Once a woman has secured employment, she can return to First Impression, with proof of employment and receive a weeks’ worth of clothing to supplement what she may already possess. There is no additional fee for this service.

Client Intake Assistance Application

First Impressions’ annual expense budget is approximately $15,000. With the current volunteer staff, we are capable of serving approximately 100 women a year, averaging expense of $150 per client to our organization, per client served. Fee amounts are based on contract agreement.

First Impression currently has a 75-80% success rate in clients achieving employment after being appropriately dressed for optimal “first impression” with potential employer.

Please reach out to us using our Contact Us form for more information.

Collaborative Agencies

Employing Medina County – United Way
Ohio Means Jobs
Battered Women's Shelter of Summit and Medina Counties
Medina County Job and Family Services
Community Action Medina/Wayne Counties
Medina County Career Center

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